Package Design
Tails is a hypothetical sub-brand by Petsmart that focused on providing new pet parents comprehensive services both online and in person. While Petsmart keeps its traditional buisness model. Since Petsmart targets experienced pet owners, Tails focus on new pet owners and turns them into loyal customers. Tails’ goal is to help both pets and pet parents enjoy the time they spend together with fewer worries. Whenever new pet parents need some help, Tails will be their first and most reliable source of solutions.
When designing the identity, I made Tails feel younger compared to the current brand. I created illustrations to capture the cute and furry feeling of young pets.
The website of Tails serves as both a shopping site as well as providing time management tools for pets owners.
When desgining visual assets for on-site experiences, I utilized the illustrations to make the store space feel more friendly.
Graphic Designer